Announcement: Phase 2 Comprehensive Community Plan

Hello Klahoose Members,

A Comprehensive Community Plan is a plan that develops and implements the goals of a community. This goal and direction setting is a process that is achieved through community consultation. It requires the input of its community members in order to be successful.

Phase 1 of Klahoose Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP) was completed in March 2015, with booklets sent out to each household in early April. (If you did not receive a booklet, we don’t have your current address, so please forward that to our office). This booklet was developed in order to compile the information that had been gathered during our workshops held in various communities (Squirrel Cove, Powell River, Campbell River and Richmond).

Although we didn’t have as large of turnouts to our workshops as we had hoped for, the overwhelming response from the participants was that they were pleased with the sharing of ideas and information. This was an opportunity for Klahoose members to present their ideas in a workshop setting.

We are now ready to proceed with Phase 2 CCP. Over the course of the next few months we plan to hold similar events like that of Phase 1 (workshops and meetings) and hope to have many more Klahoose members providing their input and ideas. Our Phase 2 CCP will be as engaging and fun as it was in the first phase and will involve workshops, surveys, phone calls, and posting information on the website. We will post a schedule of activities once dates are confirmed.

Once again, this is your opportunity to be involved in setting out the priorities and future direction of the Klahoose First Nation. We encourage you to speak to your family and other Klahoose members, to get them involved in this process. We welcome your thoughts and ideas, and look forward to hearing from you.

You can reach Arlene Hope at 250-935-6536 ext.233 or email: