Brem River Heli Trip – Klahoose Coastal Adventure Tours

The original flight day was cancelled due to weather; it was an awful day for flying. The skies were bleak in colour and the high gusts of wind brought on a fierce rain that heavily ploughed sideways through the never ending grey desolate landscape. As the afternoon went on, the rain insisted and had filled the gutters and the rain drearily slid down the sides of the lonely buildings. The project was postponed until the following week. If the helicopter was unable to fly there was no way a tiny drone could be expected to do the same.

As the next week went on the weather decided to be beautiful and on Sunday July 30, 2017 it was literally picture perfect. The sun was glowing and there was barely a cloud in the sky. The helicopter trip into Brem River – Toba Inlet had a green light. Off in the distance the complex sounds of a Robinson R44’s two-rotor system could be heard clacking and cutting towards Squirrel Cove. As the aircraft came closer to landing it swooped around intensely for two or more circles. Once it was low enough and out of the wind the engine’s effort was reduced and it let out a repetitive low-pitched whup-whup-whup as it landed on the beach. The Robinson R44 Raven II is powered by a Lycoming’s IO-540 fuel injected engine. It is 10.75 ft. from the blade to the ground and roughly 40 ft. from the furthest tip of blade to blade. After a few safety instructions of how to board the helicopter and some tips on how to work the headset the R44 was off the ground and heading towards Brem River.

With an almost straight flight pattern to Toba Inlet the helicopter went up and over bays and coves. Scattered throughout the land were cliffs with a wall of trees met with sun-bleached rocks that lead down to aqua blue and green shallows, which quickly became dark with depth. Occasionally sizable waterfalls, massive canyons and far reaching summits would pass by the helicopter window.

The helicopter flew up the Brem River in search of bears or any signs of bears. The purpose of this trip was to take some photography for marketing purposes and reconnaissance details that would assist the Klahoose Coastal Adventures to broaden their marketing strategy and attract new clients. One of the key players in this work is the footage that was taken by a drone. The drone flew up the Brem River to get a closer look at the flowing water. There were no bears in sight, but there were fresh tracks and other telling clues that they would soon be back. Brem River loosely translated in Klahoose dialect meant, “Place for humpback salmon” and with that kind of name – bears will sure to be lingering as the fall months approach. Stay tuned for drone footage to come. Emote.