Salish Sound Waves by lessLIE


Are you interested in creating interesting, engaging radio stories based on themes provided by Klahoose? Cortes Radio ~ Deep Roots Initiative radio program needs your skill, talent, and energy!

Deep Roots is both a continuation and expansion project of new spoken word programming that begun in 2016. We are excited to have successfully won attention [and funding] for another year. Deep Roots is a collaboration project between CKTZ and Klahoose First Nation.

This year’s project: Short Stories [max 15 min.] originating from Klahoose

We Provide:

  • Story themes from Klahoose, as collected and resourced by KFN Coordinator
  • Training, coaching and support from Professional radio production staff, throughout the process
  • Interview skills, writing for radio, audio skill building and equipment training
  • Equipment and technical support from CKTZ Cortes Radio
  • Honorarium payment for completed programs


  • Bring your creative brilliance and storytelling skills to produce short radio stories (up to 15 min)
  • Ability to collaborate with production team and assigned producer
  • Willingness to learn and apply new radio production skills
  • Agree to commit to all training sessions (3 or more sessions) and coaching

We especially encourage youth writers 16-30 and First Nations voices to apply. Let us know if you are inspired to join Cortes Radio on this journey!

Please apply by email to:

We will respond to those selected with an invitation.

Looking forward,

Jacqueline Mathieu
Deep Roots Klahoose Coordinator, with Cortes Radio