Chief’s Message – Jimmie Creek Project

KFN-Logo-CCP_1Greetings Klahoose People,

I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify a few things regarding the upcoming power project in Toba. ‎I can appreciate people’s excitement and anxiousness around seeking employment in Toba and up until now we have had a couple false starts.

The reason for this goes far beyond the Klahoose as it relates to the contracting agreements that Alterra has  and the significantly leaner returns on investment.

In light of the setbacks many people worked hard and were creative in terms of finding different ways of making this project work and by removing redundancy and finding collaborative synergies to reduce cost.

Please be advised that the project is anticipated to be at full capacity and have a full start date by mid-July. There will be a small 42 man camp going by the end of March to accommodate road builders while they punch in road and gain access to work site.

Regarding the project liaison position, thank you to everyone who submitted a resume. Klahoose has selected Klahoose member Patricia McDougall as the employment Coordinator. She will be responsible for collecting resumes and interfacing with contractors on the project. Please continue to send resumes to: 

Patricia McDougall
Employment Coordinator Jimmy Creek Project

Box 9
Squirrel Cove, B.C.
V0P 1T0 

Phone: 250-830-7254
Fax: 250-935-6537

For information on our web page:

— James Delorme, Chief Councillor