Comprehensive Community Planning: A New Beginning

Klahoose Community Notice:

Klahoose is pleased to announce that two band members: Caroline Francis and Arlene Hope have been hired for a short-term project. They will be working on the initial phase of a Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP). They will be mentored through this process with the assistance of Jeff Cook, of Beringia Community Planning. Jeff has many years of expertise in the design and implementation of Community Plans, and will be a valuable asset to assisting Caroline and Arlene through the next two months.

The development of a CCP will enable Klahoose to establish a vision for the future. Caroline and Arlene will be gathering all historical documents related to community planning, and will also be incorporating the findings of the most recent Klahoose Treaty Community Survey into the documentation process.

Band member involvement is so important to this project. Success of this plan is dependent on the interest and involvement of Klahoose members. This is your opportunity to have your ideas, dreams, and vision for Klahoose’s future to be heard.

Caroline and Arlene will be setting up dates for meetings and workshops in the very near future. We encourage you to please make time and participate in this exciting process.

Contact information for Caroline and Arlene is as follows.

Telephone: 250-935-6536 Ext: 225

Thank you.