Crane Operating & Truck Driving Training Opportunities

IMG_4547Has there ever been a moment when you felt an urge to either be a trucker on the open road driving some big rig delivering goods, or running a big loaded truck down the hills of Toba Inlet? Or perhaps you’d like to be a crane operator moving materials up high in the sky for a construction crew building a new high-rise building? If you answered yes, or are thinking about it now after reading this, then you are in luck!

Starting on November 3, 2014 in Vancouver there will be a 6-week training course for both career paths. Perhaps you were thinking about starting a new career or changing careers, so here is your chance ladies and gentlemen. Note that if you are interested in going for your class 1, you must possess a clean driving record. If you are interested in either these training opportunities please contact Walter Paul as soon as possible for courses fill quickly.


Walter Paul:
Phone: (604) 483- 1731

Thank you.