Fire Equipment

On the weekend of September 5th through to the 7th our Fire Hydrants were vandalized. The vandal took the fire hydrant wrench and opened several caps from the fire hydrant. The fire hydrant located between The Louie property and Rose Hanson’s house was left open and running for 32 hours. The culprit has not returned the fire hydrant wrench to it’s rightful holding place.

This is a problem in that if a fire should break out we are left with out a wrench for the fire hydrants.

Hopefully with this notice going into the News letter often the culprit will relent and return the fire hydrant wrench to the Maintenance Fire Tool Shed immediately.

You and Your community rely dearly on these fire safety tools and equipment. Please do not take without proper authority.

Thank you.

Ken Hanuse – Relief Maintenance Operator.