Halloween Family Fun at Klahoose

DSC_0129Yes, it was indeed another successful family Halloween party at the Klahoose Multi-Purpose Building. This year marked the third annual event, that’s right folks; this little (actually quite big) party is going to be an annual thing. All of the plans slipped into place, and all had a splendid evening. There were a costume contests, and the competition this year was quite a beautiful/scary spectacle. The judges really had it cut out for them this year. It was quite a task just to get all of the participants to sit still before the contest started because the excitement was bursting through them. There was also a pumpkin-carving contest. The kids, their parents/guardians took part in the creative slicing and dicing of jack-o-lanterns. Like the costume contest, the judges had to make split decisions. A new and improved Apple Bob game was funny to watch. There were apples tied onto a piece of string that hung between two pillars, and the kids had to eat them off of the string; and there were many more games for the kids to play.

DSC_0108DSC_0125Sometimes the most impressive things are in the details. It was nice to walk over the counter where the food was and seeing pumpkin mosaics made out of baby carrots, cucumber, broccoli, and had ranch dips as the eyes; such a healthy snack at that, too. Then there was the pumpkin that had skewers of fresh fruit sticking out of its head, and we can’t forget about the pizza! The kids were all hyper and running around like crazy, and in turn the parents were running around like crazy too chasing their kids. It was grand fun down at Klahoose, and as it should be since Halloween was on a Friday this year: hallelujah!

The fireworks were definitely the grand finales. They were set on the road by the old Klahoose administration building. The crowd gathered and looked into the clear nights sky, and saw the lights and the booms. The fireworks were also accompanied by music. A very big thank you to Tracy Girling Dimitrov, Jacqueline Mathieu, Chief & Council, all of the volunteers, and everyone who came out to have some good family fun. See ya wonderful folks next year.