Holiday Message from the Chief

Greetings Klahoose First Nation members.

Once again we are close to the holiday season and a chance to slow down and spend time with loved ones. I wanted to send a message to our members to let you know Chief and Council are thinking about you and want to send you a message of hope and wellness.

Council wants to express to you how much we appreciate your support, your patience and your understanding throughout the year. We also want to let you know this year and every year we strive to make our Nation the best it can be. We are very glad you are standing with us to make this happen.

As you know, our strength is in our language, culture, elders and youth. This holiday season I plan on reflecting on these assets and think about the year ahead full of new challenges and successes. It has been proven time and time again our unity as a Nation is the key to more success and solid plans for the future. My option is to continue this trend for the generations to come by staying focused on our culture, traditions and community values.

On this season of giving I request of you a task. Take some time for a neighbor, friend or stranger who needs your help. We may not have enough talla (money) to give a monetary gift to everyone, but we have the gift of listening and caring. Taking time to listen to someone’s concerns can give an individual or group confidence and worthwhile self-esteem. It is a worthy gift and we all have the ability to give it away. You never know, a small time out of your day may have a positive impact which will change someone’s life forever.

In closing, I want to mention I am very grateful for the support staff, community frontline workers, the staff at Qathen Xwegus Management Corporation, cultural leaders and the many volunteers who make our jobs great. We all work as a team and we never stand alone. On behalf of Klahoose Council and my family I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

James Delorme
Chief Councillor
Klahoose First Nation

Download Chief Delorme Holiday 2014 PDF