Housing Update

On Reserve Rents 

This is the new fiscal year 2010-2011. There are new LEM [Lower End Market] rent rates. Your tenant files are going to be updated with this new information.

To all Klahoose tenants who have not submitted your T-4s you will be charged the full LEM rent.

A huge “thanks” to those of you that have submitted your T-4s also those of you that have not submitted your “rent deduction form” [for payroll] please do so as soon as possible – submit it to Cathy Winter in Finance – Thanks.

Facts about Klahoose Housing

CMHC homes: Housing deficits are brought on by tenants not making monthly rent payments. Klahoose Band has a mortgage on each of these homes and it has to be paid every month.

When rent is not paid the Band cannot receive any funding for renovations and our subsidy can be put on hold. In essence, tenants that do pay rent are ones left holding the bag for everyone, so to speak. The housing financial status is very much in the “red” (about ¼ of a million). In reality those that do not pay rent will not be receiving any renovations etc as there is no money in their “pot’ to pay for anything!

With this kind of deficit it is forcing the Band to follow Housing Agreement guidelines stringently in order to recover the losses. It will begin with letters to tenants and if they are ignored – it will then go to the next step – with garnisheeing wages, Employment Insurance and other sources of income. Legal action will be the final step that will be taken if necessary.

It’s your choice!

With this type of outlook of “not paying rent” the deficit will continue to go up and up.

Housing Coordinator

Vera Peacey