Jan. Housing Update

It has been a great year working in the housing department, but even a better year coming up for 2010. As most of you are aware we applied for funds through INAC and received funding for renovations, lot service, unit conversion to market based housing and a Six-plex. Kevin Peacey and his staff have done a remarkable job in the construction and multi-tasking. The due date for all projects is March 31.2010.

Thanks to Kevin and his support staff hard work and long hours we are past the half way mark regarding the renovations. As some of you might be aware we are also starting on some of the lot service, so that they are shovelling ready. As for the Market to Conversion, we have two that will be starting up mid January. This will open residency for two new home owners.

Regarding the Six-plex, the due date for the INAC Call Letter is coming up quickly on January 15, 2010. We had a meeting just before the holidays to discuss design, cost estimates, construction time frames and location.

Secondly we are applying for 2 new homes and the due date for this proposal is in February along with the CMHC Renovations. I will keep you all informed as we go along but if you have any questions or concerns please drop in the office and I will do my best to answer your questions. I also would like to through out to the community for those that might be interested in starting a Housing Committee.

For parents, if you see any machines close by, make sure to let them know it isn’t a safe place to play. Work is being done around Jessie Louie’s as well beside the church for land preparation.

Finally for those that are hunting please make sure you dispose the remains near your house. We have had cougar sightings over the holidays.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 250.935.6536 ext. 231

Colleen Delorme, Klahoose Housing Coordinator