January 2010

Happy New Year to everyone from Larry Hanson (250-202-6717) and back up operator John Hanson (250-935-0301).

I am here from Mondays to Thursday’s and John takes over from Fridays to Sundays if you have any water concerns. Tony Deo the Circuit Rider who helps from Vancouver Island and repaired one fire hydrant in front of Marjory’s house during the holidays because it was leaking when turned on. A circuit breaker was off for the lift station was accidently turned off so do not touch any circuit boards without any authorization.

The water samples were excellent this first week of January with John Hanson learning the processes. The water samples are now directly sent to Vancouver Island Provincial Health Centre instead of Campbell River Health Centre. This new process is immediately dealt with if there is any discoloration in the water samples.

There is also a future plan to clean the water tank and do some minor repairs and we shall let you know when this will be taking place. Thank you very much for your time and patience and have a great day.
Certified Water Operator: Larry Hanson