Job Posting: Klahoose First Nation Director of Cultural Affairs & Heritage

Job Posting: Klahoose First Nation Director of Cultural Affairs & Heritage

Klahoose First Nation
Director of Cultural Affairs and Heritage

The Klahoose First Nation seeks a dynamic leader to guide the Nation’s interest in: developing heritage policies; researching and acquiring items of cultural significance; strengthening partnerships and opportunities for collaboration in the heritage sector including museums, cultural centres, academic institutions and governments; and, for enhancing and capturing the cultural knowledge of Nation members and other knowledge holders for the purpose of developing a cultural repository and archive.

Under the direction of Chief and Council, the Director of Cultural Affairs and Heritage will develop strategies to advocate for, advance the cultural knowledge of, the community while simultaneously developing policy and administrative foundations for the collection, research and archiving of items of cultural significance, including the locating and returning of ancestral remains and advocating collaborations within the heritage sector, educators, business and community leaders.

Purpose & Objective
The primary purpose of the position is to give shape and focus to the development of cultural affairs and heritage policies ensuring they align with the aspirations of the Nation. In doing so, balancing the interests of the community and of leadership to meet changing needs and industry standards of the heritage sector, including policy development and the acquisition of cultural material and ancestral remains.

It is expected that the Director of Cultural Affairs and Heritage will, in collaboration with leadership, develop the strategic framework to advocate on behalf of the Nation while providing support to encourage investment, enhancement of artistic expression, and the collection and display of items of cultural significance.

Basic Function and Immediate Priorities
The basic function of the Director of Cultural Affairs and Heritage is to strengthen the Nation’s cultural identify and historic knowledge, supporting the development and/or enhancement of infrastructure and policy as it relates to items of cultural significance.

As the primary strategist, the Director will be responsible for shaping the vision of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Heritage, identifying areas of overlap within existing functions and/or programs, and being a solutions architect and tactical implementer of key objectives. The Director will guide policy and standard development, oversee projects, strategic planning, collections management, exhibition research and interpretation management, and coordinating community assets for the purpose of increasing knowledge and archival records.

In addition, the Director of Cultural Affairs & Heritage must:

  • Make all efforts to understand thoroughly all facets of available cultural and heritage material and assets held at the community level while gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the Nation’s organizational structure;
  • Develop a short-term Strategic Plan that outlines the Nation’s vision and public profile including a resource and facilities plan, and other elements important to position the Nation as a distinctive cultural and artistic centre with a unique identity;
  • Promote channels of communication that are open and encourage an environment of collaboration, ensuring that the wealth of cultural knowledge is at the forefront of consideration in planning and executing the strategic priorities;
  • Encourage opportunities for the transfer of traditional knowledge and support services to enhance indigenous ways of knowing while reinforcing positive perception of the Nation’s identity;
  • Foster a reputation that is attractive to cultural agencies, institutions, service providers and hinders to ensure that strategic priorities can be achieved;
  • Support the development of a new non-profit entity that can serve an an active supporter of fundraising efforts of the Cultural Affairs and Heritage Department;
  • Ensure that information is credible, concise and persuasive, while ensuring day-to-day operations and programs are professional and efficiently managed;
  • Identify and assist in the recruitment of new leaders, supporters, arts organizations, educational institutes, philanthropic organizations, non-profit and government agencies, whose talents, interests and commitment will help further the Nation’s aspirations as they relate to cultural affairs and heritage;
  • Evaluate and refine the mission of the Office of Cultural Affairs and Heritage and its place within the Nation’s institutional culture and aid in the development of fiscal requirements and budgeting; and;
  • Oversee preservation, enhancement and maintenance of the Nation’s cultural assets.

Ideal Experience & Qualifications
The ideal candidate will have the following experience and qualifications or combination of such measures: Management and leadership responsibility in an art/heritage/cultural institution; Proven ability to work successfully with donors, community leaders, artists, curators, educators, political and business leaders and boards; Outstanding oral and written communication skills including the means to address issues in non-confrontational and non-polarizing ways that are illustrative of a positive track record as an effective communicator; Understanding of the complex nature of the heritage sector; Practical experience marketing and raising the public profile of arts and/or cultural institutions; Experience working in and for First Nations communities; and, Proficiency in negotiating with cultural institutions for the return of ancestral remains and items of cultural significance.

Wages to be negotiated on experience.

Please send resumes by email to or by fax to 250-935-6537

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