Klahoose First Nation: Food Fish Update 

Klahoose fisheries is announcing a distribution for Klahoose members to help with a smooth delivery.

Possible dates for a distribution may be Saturday April 25th to Saturday May 2nd, 2015. The dates are vague due to the fact we are at the mercy of the fisheries and it is hard to pinpoint exact times when the fish will arrive.

This distribution is for Halibut and By Catch (cod species).

Three distribution sites have been selected: Squirrel Cove, Campbell River (CR Net Loft behind Super Store and Powell River (South end of Powell River Harbour authority).

Tracy Dimitrov is currently contacting Klahoose members by phone to ask everyone to spread the word and to find out who can show up for the distribution. To update your current contact info (in case you have moved in the last 6 months to a year) please call the Klahoose offices at 250.935.6536 or email Tracy:

The following guidelines for distribution will be used:

  • 15 lbs per single person
  • 30 lbs per Couples
  • 45 lbs per households 3 or more

If you plan on picking food fish up for family members, at the distribution sites you will need a note from the family member giving permission. A family member can call 250.935.6536 and leave a message.

Kathy Francis will be delivering in Campbell River and Billy Barnes will be in Powell River. Any announcements on exact date will be issued on our web page as it happens. Return to the page or listen to family members who know:

Please note. At this time we do not have a fisheries officer but Klahoose is currently looking for a candidate. We are also developing a Food Fish policy to help with making this community run program continued success. Look for this new policy and details coming soon.