Klahoose Water Taxi: Nominations Meeting 2015

Yekwamen Charters will be leaving Lund Government Dock at 12:30pm on Saturday, Feb, 28th for the Klahoose Nomination Meeting. The boat will arrive at the Klahoose Dock (inner Squirrel Cove).

The boat will leave the the Klahoose dock at 4:30pm sharp and will arrive back in Lund at 5:00pm the same day. 12 seats are available.

For more information on the nomination meeting see article here:

Note: On Election Day, April 11th, 2015 a boat will be available for the same location as well as an added trip for workers with the Jimmie Creek project and any of our Forestry projects. If you are scheduled to be in Toba and you would like to vote in person please contact your supervisor and make a request. Schedules for these trips will be posted on our web page first week in April, 2015.