Neglected Homes Get Help

Construction worker Kevin Peacey doesn’t have much to complain about these days. Business is good with the amount of work that is has been placed on this eager Klahoose member.
“I like being back home and being a part of the community again”, says Kevin. “I had to leave many years ago, but now I feel right at home.”

Over the last couple of years, a surge of energy from Klahoose Chief and Council to improve social housing has translated into renovations and improvements to dwellings.

A need to bring a higher standard of living has been the focus on these home improvements and no one is complaining. Homes that have been neglected, abandoned and abused will be getting complete renovations to make way for anxious band members looking for clean, safe housing.

The Klahoose Housing department is working hard at getting funds to pay for expansion of new construction but for now the present problem homes are going to get the much needed attention.

Look for future updated pictures when current projects are completed.