New Homes for Klahoose

Concrete WorkerFour new homes are being built at T’oq IR#7 in Squirrel Cove, B.C. The foundations are being poured on the Klahoose financed two bedroom homes and the framing will begin soon.

The need for these homes is great as many Klahoose members increasingly want to return to the Klahoose village to work and be a part of the community. The project is being completed by Spooner Contracting out of Campbell River, B.C.

Some highlights of the project are as follows:

  • The construction will employ three band members and will be completed in six to eight months
  • Financing for this project is through Klahoose own source revenue and each home will be Klahoose owned. This is a first for the Nation.
  • Klahoose members have the option of owning each residence
  • The model can be used for other First Nations on how to use own source revenue to build infrastructure.
  • The project will help with improve the housing shortage and will encourage healthy living in the community.

Klahoose is also working on upgrades to the sewer system and a water and sewer feasibility study to be completed in the coming months. Future subdivision plans are being discussed by council. For more information please contact Housing Coordinator Vera Peacey or Klahoose Adnimistrator, Marion Mckellar 250.935.6536

Workers at pour      200