New Relationship Trust Foundation: Bursaries 2017-18

New Relationship Trust Foundation: Bursaries 2017-18

NRT Foundation Announces Bursaries for 2017-18

Vancouver, BC – The New Relationship Trust Foundation (NRT Foundation) in partnership with the New Relationship Trust (NRT) is pleased to announce that Bursaries for 2017-2018 are now available to First Nations students in British Columbia (BC)!

NRT, the founding partner of the NRT Foundation, has committed $200,000 this year to provide Bursaries in the amount of $2,000 for BC First Nations Students in Certificate, Diploma, Trades, or Associate Degree programs. An additional $275,000 has already been secured from our funding partners that include The Province of BC, First Nations Health Authority, Aboriginal Energy Solutions, Connor Clark & Lunn Foundation, Drillwell Enterprises, Chief Joe Mathias Foundation, and Peace Hills Trust.

In 2006, the BC Government worked with First Nations leadership to create NRT, and gave $100 million to NRT to support capacity building initiatives, which include First Nations Scholarships and Bursaries. Since 2010, 1,719 Scholarship and Bursary awards totaling over $7.9 million have been given to students from First Nations in BC.

The 2017-18 NRT Foundation Bursaries Application can be found here: