October News


Aug. 21/09 Betty Wilson from Sliammon was on hand at the Campbell River Museum to demonstrate how to do coil weaving and the tools she used. She told us how to dye cherry bark to decorate a basket, as well as using the husk of corn to add just another touch of beauty on the basket. She also uses the spruce root along with cedar root.

She does not waste any roots what so ever, she saves them to make smaller baskets. When one is making a basket, they always have a young one sitting beside them to learn the culture.

Thank you goes out to Marge Hanson, Rose Hanson, Brenda Hanson, Rianna Louie and Arnold Francis for coming out to learn about their culture.

George Lewis has expressed an interest in coming out to Klahoose to teach us how to make drums, right now he has small drums. So those of you that have little ones at home can phone me to let me know if there is an interest to have one for your child.

Fall is fast approaching us and that time of year where we can do some creative crafts in our hall. There are Klahoose members that are wanting to finish up their button blankets and vests, so Marlene Hanuse, who was the previous person teaching the sewing techniques and the cutting out of the pattern will once again be the person to help us to finish our blankets and vests.

The end of the funding for the Aboriginal Healing Foundation is coming to a close at the end of March 2010, unless we hear of an extension on the project in the next six months.

There is a plan for a celebration at our new multi-purpose building (once completed, that is) to end the project and to celebrate ourselves in our healing journey in the past 7 years that this project has been in effect. If there are any ideas out there as to how you want to celebrate this occasion, please let me know of your interest in the planning.

Surrender and let go of the past. Whatever life takes away from you let it go. When you surrender and let go of the past, you allow yourself to be fully alive in the moment. What happens when you let go of the past, you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now.
By the four agreements-Don Miguel Ruiz

There is always one area in your chart that is up for grabs, weather its family, health, personal growth, or finances. You’ll know which it is by taking a good look at your life and seeing which area needs the most help. These are your option areas, and you can choose to start programming a better future. By Heart and Soul –Sylvia Browne