On the 11th Month

KFN-LogoRemembrance Day 2014

On the 11th month, 11th day on the 11th hour we take time and remember the folks who have served, protected and sacrificed for our freedom. On this day, we stand side by side with neighbors and friends while we take a moment of silence. We do this for the memory of the fallen heroes and the recognition of the present soldier.

Every generation knows or is related to someone who has served or participated in the protection of our freedoms. The woman and men who have traveled far from home and comfort, in turmoil and strife, through pain and suffering with the one constant goal to maintain safety and peace. We are so lucky to live under this protection.

Although we may shed a tear or two and feel a sense of loss and fear, we can also see this day as a positive opportunity to teach. This day of recognition teaches us to never forget to show respect for our Elders, to hold steadfast in our beliefs and to always recognize what coming together to means to us all.

Let us never forget and make every effort to teach the next generation what this day means for so many.

James Delorme
Chief Councillor
Klahoose First Nation

On behalf of Councillors: Kathy Francis, Mavis Kok and Kevin Peacey

PDF of letter can be downloaded here