Proposed Green Energy Project in Klahoose Territory

Klahoose First Nation is looking at the possibility of another Run-of-River Green energy project in our Territory called the Tahumming River Project.

This new project will be building on our successes of the Toba Montrose and Jimmie Creek run-of-river endeavors. This new opportunity however is very different as it is our first ‘Standing Offer’ project of 15 MW or less. The project has less environmental footprint and will help fill the needs of clean energy along the green energy corridor in our territory. This project gives Klahoose another venue creating own source revenue for a sustainable future for the Nation. It also continues our strong relationship with Alterra Power. Another milestone will be the opportunity for Klahoose to be partial owners in this project. This will give our Nation continued successes in economic development and lead the way towards becoming an independent Nation.

Our Klahoose members input is valued and coming together is an important step before making any decisions. Klahoose Council will be holding community meetings for Klahoose members in key locations to discuss this project. Look for dates posted in the community and on our web site:

Klahoose looks forward to seeing you to discuss this project.

For more information contact:

Chief James Delorme

Or Councillor Kathy Francis


Box 9, Squirrel Cove, V0P 1T0

BC Hydro’s Standing Offer Program:

Alterra Power Press Release: