Addiction and alcoholism are progressive disease,and there is no cure.You can attain remission,but once an alcoholic or addict,you’re one for life.Recovery is for life and treatment should never end.

An alcoholic or an addict,who restarts use-even after years of sobriety-will soon find themselves just as they were.An addiction that may have taken years to develop will resume itself happily in a matter of days,and you will be back on the progressive road to ruin.Staying aware of the progressive nature of the disease helps to defray some overconfidence or false perceptions of complete recovery.Know that you can stay sober for life,and know that treatment works but also remember that there is something inside that remains,and if you awake that addiction that lays dormant,it rises up hungry.

Treatment works,and anyone can get better,but they have to work at it,they have to accept that they have a progressive disease for life,and they have to make some pretty major changes.