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Klahoose Chief and Council have created a new form for its members. In efforts to create a venue for our members to voice opinion, make requests and to have a record of requests a simple form was created.

Each form that is sent to Klahoose will be recorded and will have a response from Council and or Administration within a months time. Chief and Council meet on a monthly basis and will review all requests and concerns.

Click on the PDF version below. If you would like to have this form mailed or printed out for you please contact Klahoose Reception: Marlene Hanuse 250.935.6536

Click here for PDF version of form

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Request Form

This form is for Klahoose members who are making a request to the Klahoose Nation. Each form that is filled and sent to the Band offices will be processed and be sent to Chief and Council for review. This form can be a request for information and can also be a tool for concerns members have and would like to have Klahoose administration made aware of.

Each letter will be reviewed by council and will have a response in writing within one month of the date of received by the Klahoose Nation.



Name of Person making Request:__________________________________




Question or Request:






MAIL request to:

Klahoose First Nation

Box 09, Squirrel Cove B.C., V0P 1T0

250.935.6536 If you wish to have this form emailed to you please make a request to Klahoose Receptionist: Marlene Hanuse