Second Phase of CCP Continues

DSC_8485The Klahoose First Nation is currently working on the second phase of the four-part Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP). The “Planning” stage of the CCP is to continue on with the process of community engagement so members can create a guideline or roadmap for the generations to come. There needs to be a vision with principles and directions. There are many pathways that a nation can travel down and it can be a positive community when the needs and concerns are set in place for easy review of the nation’s government. The actions taken to strengthen the nation for the current and future generations requires a look at both the positive and negative situations in order for growth. This way the Klahoose First Nation and its community can stand beside and support the goals created in the CCP with pride. Cheyenne Hope the CCP coordinator notions her position on the 2nd phase:

DSC_8483“The process we are going through while conducting workshops for our members is extremely rewarding. I love having the opportunity to reconnect with our members and hearing everyone’s great ideas. The more we are able to engage our members throughout this process ensures that we will have a strong community plan that will work for our nation and meet our needs. The CCP is a way for members to have a say in the future direction of Klahoose. I want the CCP to reflect the voices of all members. The more that our members get involved the more encompassing the plan will be.”

From the first phase, Pre-planning, the CCP team had created seven emerging directions. These emerging directions start off with a broad topic such as “Increase Belonging, Connections & Pride”; “Invest in Education & Training” “Strengthen our Health & Well-being” and trickle down into a more specific supporting pathways. The Klahoose First Nation like many other nations has members spread out all over the land. To tackle disconnection, the CCP team has been travelling to several key locations so that as many people of the nation can contribute to the community-driven development as possible. At the CCP meetings there is always a sense of positive inclusion. Even though at times the conversations can have dark themes, particularly when speaking of Health and Wellness, the in depth discussions gets members minds formulating lots grand ideas of how they could or could not work. Without the voice of the community the CCP would not exist. The CCP team simply acts as a host to the opinion of those who look forward to the future.

IMG_1163The methods of presentation and information gathering may take on a modern technological approach, but this calibre of planning is no where near being a new idea. It is theorized to be in practice since the beginning of our nation’s existence and was used as a tool of survival. We wish to continue on with the practice. Chief James Delorme closes with saying, “the grassroots involvement in the CCP is essential for a healthy Klahoose community. The information gathered gives Chief and Council the road map for our future and helps us build the framework for what our people desire.”

The KFN CCP team consists of Cheyenne Hope, Steven Brown and myself Johnny Hanuse. Jeff Cook from Beringia Community Planning acts as our mentor.