September News

Thanks to Ken Hanuse for filling in for me when I am away and his cellular number is 250-895-5006 for any problems on weekends when I will be away. My cellular number is 250-202-6717 if you need to contact me. There is a minor problem with the lift station with a pump being repaired because a rag went down the drain and burnt out the impellers so everyone be careful what goes down the drains that can plug everything.

The water samples have been fair but needed some minor chlorine to clean the lines and that was monitored with a chlorine tester and thank you for your patience with this but it is for everyone’s best interest and health.

There was a minor repair to the manhole beside Gilbert Hanuse house where roots were growing in the sewer line but has been since repaired.
I will be at a workshop next week from September 15th, to 17th and Ken Hanuse will taking care of everything.
Take care and see you when I get back…Larry Hanson.