Sisters in Spirit

News Release

On Saturday October 4th, 2014 many communities across many territories will be gathering to honour murdered and missing Aboriginal woman and the families who are so greatly affected. The ‘Sisters in Spirit Vigil’ will bring families, community members, advocates and leaders together to raise awareness towards changing the way our woman and children are treated.

Although most events are in urban settings, I encourage our Klahoose members and others to participate in ways which can be equally relevant and tangible wherever you are. Take time throughout the day to speak to your families about solutions on how we as a society can help change the violent patterns we see in our lives. Take time to speak to your children and siblings about how to remove the cycle of abuse which keeps us enslaved from generation to generation. A difference can be made if all of us participant and believe.

My personal pledge on this day is to make every effort to teach my sons to be respectful of their sisters and always treat our community members respectfully and always put them first. I will be talking to community members on how we can raise the profile of this day by celebrating it every day. The reason I see this as a priority is because I see so many people’s lives affected in a way which translates to an unhealthy future for our children. It is our responsibility to make this right; let’s make this work together.

Where ever you are on this day, take a moment and remember. Take a moment and believe we can make a solid change to help stop the violence against women. The ‘Sister in Spirit Vigil’ is an important day for all of us.


James Delorme
Chief Councillor
Klahoose First Nation

On behalf of: Councillors Kathy Francis, Mavis Kok and Kevin Peacey

PDF of letter can be downloaded here: Sisters in Spirit letter 2014