The Lentz Family Sends Message of Thanks

On behalf of the family, we would like to thank the Klahoose Chief and Council and the Klahoose people for all the support and care they have given Granny throughout the years. A special thank you to everyone who stopped by just to say hello and check in on her.

  • Barb Vosper, was Granny’s amazing friend and nurse. We can’t thank you enough for the great care you gave Granny.
  • Ivan Boyadjov (Ganny’s Nephew), we also thank you for your special attention you gave her. A few years ago Granny was in the Campbell River Hospital and Ivan was with her when she arrived. The nurse asked if he was a relative and he replied, “Yes, I am her Grandson.”
  • Thank you Kathy and Kerry for being right there when Granny needed help.
  • Diane, Kenny, Gilbert, Mary, Marlene, Marge, Jessie, Mary and Rose; we can’t thank you enough for always being there for Granny when she needed you the most.
  • To Granny’s good friend Eva Francis, Granny always looked forward to the Sunday’s get together.
  • A special mention to Lorraine and Yvonne. Rain or shine they always checked in on Granny. Your friendship meant so much to Granny. She loved you so much for that.
  • Thanks to Billy Barnes for his support with the services and being a help to us all. Also our deepest respects to Kenny Hanuse for the cultural teachings and help with the burning.
  • Granny was so pleased and grateful for meeting Father Patrick and the Arch Bishop in her home. It’s a day she could never forget. Much thanks Betty Wilson.
  • Dear Elsie Paul, we appreciate your love and support you have given our family during this difficult time. You’re an angel and Granny loved you.
  • Much thanks to Wayne Pielle for helping us with the water taxi. He donated his services and we really appreciate your sacrifice.
  • Brenda made the service very special singing beautiful songs.
  • We thank the children of the Rose Adams and Vern Pielle for singing and drumming traditional songs.
  • Larry Hanson, Thanks for playing at the Wake.
  • Klahoose ladies and Tracy, thanks for preparing the lunch.
  • Father Patrick we are very blessed to have you do the Mass for Lily. This would have meant allot to her. Thank you Father.

Please forgive us if we missed anyone!

Seeing all of you here shows how much Granny was loved and thought of. She felt the same about you all as you were her world. We have many memories of Granny to cherish.

Thank you all for joining us in Granny’s celebration of life!